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IRC is the granddaddy of chat resources, it's been around before AOL and the like and is as old as the 'net itself. Like most parts of the net there are very many ways to reach it. To reach the WWW ( World Wide Web ) you need a browser like Internet Explorer or Netscape, to reach IRC you need a client program, and there are quite a few, most are free. We have used MIRC and PIRCH of the two we find PIRCH much more powerfull espically if your platform is Windows 95. Either way you will need to connect to the Undernet, don't worry the program will usually help you here, if stuck drop us a note or call your ISP. If you are starting behind a service like AOL you will need to follow their directions, just be aware that many on the 'net feel AOL is bad to the extent you might get kicked off the room of your choice. Oh the most important part is the rooms for swingers, it's #Swingers there are others but this is allways full of couples looking to chat. Like the other programs listed below you can chat openly or privately.

Click here to download an IRC client for Win95.
If you download Pirch and have trouble getting to #Swingers just open the favorites and type it in.


PowWow is a chat and communication program for the web that allows you to locate and page other PowWow users. You can communicate by text typing or by voice, and when connected to other users you may transfer files, view pictures of the persons you are connected to, cruise the web together, or join in group chats of up to nine people. A Community mode is also supported which allows up to 75 people to communicate. PowWow provides a search function that allows you to locate and chat with other PowWow users based on geographic location, age, sex, profession, specific interests, and other profile information. When operating in server mode, users may set up their own Communities for friends and associates. I've found Pow Wow pretty easy to use give it a try! The download page is or just Click here.


The buttons on this page for ICQ work to page us and download the program! If there is enough interest we can have a ICQ chat room, for free, another possibility is swingers contact list. Let us know if you all want either.

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You can ICQ-Page the owner of this web page as well as other users or you can EmailExpress him right from here with no additional software. Your message will be instantly delivered. If the user is online, the message will popup on his screen if he is offline it will be stored and forwarded to him as soon as he connects to the internet. Installing the ICQ client will enable you to know if your peers are online and communicate directly with them, join chat rooms and receive ICQ paging and EmailExpress directly to your screen.

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