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Extra Special People

CRS is the a social club in St.Louis holding hotel socials.

This club is the former ESP. The information below is about the former club. There is a link at the bottom. for the clubs web site for more up to date information. We haven't been to the new club but have heard very good things about it. It is the same group under new ownership.

We are members of ESP and it was our first club and social so of course it will always be special to us. The socials are held at a local hotel that is very nice and has good accomidations and centerally located for the entire St.Louis area. For more information than that you will have to call Sidney and talk to her it's her club.

Speaking of Sidney, she is very nice but strict, she will tell you the rules the club operates under and you will abide by them if you want to stay. I don't mean that the rules are overbearing, they aren't! But are designed to ensure that everyone has a great time and the actions of one or two people will not spoil the fun of the rest of the group. The rules are very nice and really orientated to making sure that the dance part of the socials are such that even new couples feel very comfortable. When there were two clubs we usually suggested that a new couple not sure of the lifestyle go to an ESP event first.

The club is growing every day and has really nice membership. Most of the recent socials have had attendance of 70+ couples. So no matter what type of swinging or swingers you are looking for you shouldn't have any trouble meeting your type of couple or couples. There is a cash bar so bring a little money but the drinks are reasonable and the bartender will usually remember your drink after a few times, he has been with the club for years. There is also a good DJ who has also been with the club for a while. We have made some very good friends since October when we went to our first social with shaky knees and a dry throat! The dance part of the social is very nice and if you have read the description of "what is a social?" that is mostly about our ESP experiences.

The socials are usually held in the middle of the month on a Saturday evening, up comming dates 3/15, 4/19, 5/17, 6/21, 7/19.

Hope to see you there, and since we are members if you do join the club from our information you may use us as the refering couple and we get a little gift out of the deal.

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