Couples Choice

Couple's Choice: A couple's only on premises club with attendance ranging from 70 to 125. Sometimes admission is cut off due to volume, so make a reservation early in the week if you are travelling. Drink mixes are provided but alcohol is strictly bring your own. A nice selection of food is always laid out. There are several member/co-hosts to show you around.

The club has an excellent dance/bar area. Downstairs there are 2 small private rooms and one large S&M room. The S&M room is reserved by the hour due to its popularity. Upstairs are several more private and semi-private rooms and one large party room. People are friendly, relaxed and non-pushy. The range is from first-timers, voyeurs, to long time swingers.

The greatest asset of this club is the open, friendly attitude of the members. Largest drawback, no hottub.

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