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This site will be initially broken into a number of areas each with links to other pages and sites we have found helpfully in learning about the lifestyle. Note from 9/20/97 - Missouri Clubs updated! We still need contact info for Friends First! Comming soon a lot of good material for new couples as well as the experienced. We hope to have some more reviews of clubs as they seem very popular. Is you club reviewed? We are toying with the idea of a section for swingers experiences, not so much to titilate but for all of us to learn from. Your comments on that would be greatly appreciated. We'd really like to have more on the other types of events but have only been to socials so care to help? If not Loving Alternative Mag (LAM) has offered some content. We would also like to add a few more comments from swinging couples as to how their relationships have been changed by entering the lifestyle. We are also working on a section "Swinging & the Net" all about extra email addresses and free homepage sites, and most of the info is currently on the link page but will have comments. We would also like you sugestions as to other sites to provide links to, as we'd like to get more comments about the links.

To start with they will be:

What is Swinging.
Where to meet other Swingers:

Net Sites.

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