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Welcome to the Missouri Swingers Home Page! This site is dedicated to helping swingers in the area find information about swinging and swingers events in the area. This will always be a free site. We created this site to help other couples find the enjoyment we have found in this lifestyle.

"Swinging is not for everyone however. A positive feeling about yourself,
your mate and relationship is important. People who are jealous, play social
games, have a poor opinion of the opposite sex, or have relationship
problems are among those who are not likely to enjoy swinging." --
Robert L. McGinley, Ph.D., President NASCA

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There are no nude pictures or any other form of visual stimulation on this site, if thats what you seek in a site this isn't the one for you! This site is constantly under construction, and will always be. As of 9/28/97 we have been up less than a year but working everyday. Please check back often. We have added dates to sections that are new or updated sections to make it easier to find new sections. Please send your comments and suggestions to us! If there is a topic we haven't covered let us know as you will not be the only one having that question.
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This was added as a lark but have found it used as a way to leave comments or a personal ad. Please sign it and let us know you were here! We have no way of verifing the ads, but they may be a good way to meet local couples. You may leave an ad or just a comment about your feeling of our work so far. Try and keep it clean. If you do post an ad, you may want to check back from time to time as the server starts fresh every so often.
Please don't use the private message type if you are leaving an ad, as it will only be seen by us. Please use the email link to write to us!Please email us!

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