Online Match Making Sites

Here are some of the sites we have found.

We have also included a little information about them as to what they do well and what our experience has been with them. As always this is not a complete list if you know of others you can write us!

Alternative Match Maker System

This was our first Match Maker system we tried and are still on it. Needless to say we really like it. There is a long profile questionaire you have to fill out before getting on and it's best to fill this out together as the questions are pretty detailed. You will also want to pick a couple name when prompted for a name either a "joenmary" or "moclp", you get the idea. The system is free for the first week or so then has a tiered priceing structure depending on how long you comitt to. The nice things about this system is it keeps all the email on the system, you recieve and send email on their system. It also keeps old mail so if you get a message you can follow back and see what you wrote them. All messages have the sender profile a click away so you don't have the "now who the heck is this from". Thay have this nice system that tells you how far away the couple lives from you and a map showing their location, no it's not by house but their zipcode! It is at least worth trying out for the trial period as just filling out the questionaire is intresting. The search and match making database is the best we've seen on the net!
You can reach us there as Mary433, you see I learned the hard way about picking a system name!
See you on ALT

International Couples Network

There are a couple of things that might draw a couple to ICN. First it's totally free, the only cost of joining is a verification phone call to Califorinia, and that is for acces to their couples section. The couples section has two parts ads submitted by members and a chat section with various rooms. The second reason for liking this system is also a potential draw back. You need not place an ad, hense there aren't a lot of them. You recieve email to your own email address and have to track it on your own, as well as the "who from". There is a wealth of information about getting started in the lifestyle, and a nice section of questions and answers for new swingers. If you clicked on "are you a swinger?" on the main page you have been on the ICN system. The site has a very good listing of swingers club both by state and Internationally, many sites use their system for links as we do. We have found that they do not update the club listings very often. You will only see one club listed for Missouri on their system and we have listings for three.
A very nice information site click here!

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