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We have always been a very sexual couple, we have enjoyed our selves in many different places and in many different positions. We have know eachother since we were in different high schools. Any way we love each other very much and enjoy sex. After talking about our sexual desires, while dateing we felt that our relationship could handle adding other to our sexual play, as that is what it would be play. Over 12 years we found a few singles to play with. These were chance meeting of others that were not planned events and about all the discussion we had before hand was "do you want to try it?". As you can guess these experiences were at best learning experiences, for a number of reasons, for the most part the problems were not thinking things through and more importantly not enough communication between us.
A few months ago we stumbled on a site for swingers. This got us talking again. Advise for others do the talking first! We came to the conclusion that we weren't threesome people, and a couple would eliminate some of the problems we had had with them. On the ALT system while going over the long questionaire we started to develop a good dialogue about what we wanted to do. We spent quite a few months writing to couples and answering their questions and talking about our answers. Finally a couple asked if we had been to a social? The usually questions came to mind. What is a social? What kind of people go to one? What goes on at one? Is it some sort of pagan ritual? Are all the people their hardbody Ken & Barbie types? Would they find us desirable? Could we do this? Did we want to? We spent a lot of time talking and about all we answered was yes we did want to try it. We decided that we would go to one social and see what it was all about, but we'd go with one rule "no sex". By making that decision it made going easier as we could go see what was up, meet other couples, ask questions, and see if anyone was intrested in us.
Our first social was the Holloween social, now we had to decide on a coustume, and thinking back on it it was a good distraction worrying about the coustumes took our mind off what we were about to do. But we were still very nervious, like a first date, but we had each other and our rule.
Well we found our answers and had a good time. We met some nice people, danced with others and found that they were mostly just nice normal people. To see what a social is like click here. After the social we talked a lot more about some of the offers we had had, yes we were desireable!, and how we might deal with offeres in the future. We decided we would try another social at the other club to see what it was like. We had also developed a a few more guidelines for playing. We would only swing as a couple with couple and both had to like both partners of the other couple, not nessecarly in the sexual sense but had to like them as people.
Our second social started pretty badly, as the hotel had fired it's food service and that caused the social to become a byob event and we didn't know about this ahead of time. Second the hotel wasn't as nice as the first had been. We talked about leaving and just going out and having a nice dinner. About that time another couple came in and joined our table. Through out the evening we talked with this other couple and danced with them. We really felt comfortable with them. well one thing led to another and after talking all night at the social and again for another 1 1/2 hours in their room we had sex with our new friends.
All of this has helped us develope our feelings about future experiences and allowed us to have a philisophy that we can even explain to others when asked. We swing as a couple, as for us it's something we want to share. Swinging apart seems more like cheating to us, this may not be the norm but it's what works for us. We only same room swap again to share the expereince and so the other will be there eliminating two possible problems, if things get out of hand and elininate the I wonders. We only swap with couples as for us the threesome seems to cause problems. Hope some of this is readable as it's just a draft to get a few ideas up and will polish it up in a day or two.

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